I always get super motivated to work on cosplay at the most inconvenient times. I always feel like doing stuff while I’m in class, but by the time I get home, I have no time to do anything. 

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You Will See My Name Up In Lights Answer:

15. Your Fears: Probably not achieving any of the dreams or hopes I mentioned earlier

17. Your Anxieties: I mean, don’t people get anxious about random shit instead of the same shit over and over again? But waiting to find out if I fucked up or not usually makes me pretty anxious.

19. Your Worst Mistake: Hmm…I’ve made a ton of mistakes, but honestly, my worst one was probably when I didn’t try to work things out in an open manner with my first long-term boyfriend. It sounds kind of stupid, but we knew each other well enough (spent 2 years together) that I wish things were handled better so I could still consider it normal when I talk to him.